Stellez Investment Group is a diversified holding company that specializes in servicing private capital investors worldwide.


We pride ourselves on providing a group of experts who are dedicated in integrating cultural differences to gain the highest benefits.

From closing to buyer/tenant finding and managing properties, we gathered the best people to our group to accurately fulfill your needs: 

  • Real estate agents who work locally and have more than 10 years of experience to find properties of your needs.

  • Sophisticated and real-time credit check to matching buyers / tenants, no time wasting.

  • Bring in foreign investment to finance local families to have homes.

  • Mandarin assistance available for translation and coordination to smooth up the investment process.

  • All properties are with clean titles and closed with title companies; both seller and buyer are protected.

in alphabetical order

Bioson, Jessica  >> Real Estate Agent/Property Manager

Jessica Bionson, an agent who specializes in Section 8 transactions as well as other government subsidies. She is well versed in city as well as state regulation and is incredible with facilitating intake as well as organizing projects!

Evans, Dannon  >> Real Estate Agent/Commercial Real Estate Consultant

Dannon Evans, an agent and consultant based in Detroit, Michigan is 8 year residential & commercial real estate industry professional. Dannon has represented and built a solid foundation of corporate clients, institutional and private investors in a wide array of hotel, office, residential, commercial, and project development spaces. 

He has guided national and multi-national clients who seek property locally in Michigan or abroad worldwide. Dannon specializes in applying his expertise and local market knowledge towards any type of real estate clients may seek as investment goals. In his free time, Dannon loves to spend time with family, playing guitar at events, and run a musicians studio with a colleague. He looks forward to fulfilling any business opportunities that are presented to him whether local or international and helping the client exceed their real estate goals.

Calderon, Candice Corley >> Broker/Owner/Property Manager

Property Manager and Broker for Michigan Elite Realty. Prior to starting her own venture, she has worked as a property manager and broker for over 10 years. Ms. Candice Corley Calderon is responsible for compiling and maintaining records, reports, and files on managed properties and listings as well as serving the company’s primary liaison with property owners and tenants on all property management matters. Over the past few years,  Ms. Calderon has been an active participant in the local and housing agency community she is also a member of NOCBOR as well as NARPM. She is also fluent in Spanish which is a great asset appealing to the international market.

Gean, James  >> Real Estate Agent & Builder

James Gean is a Realtor(C)  at Keller Williams Somerset in Troy, Michigan. He is designated as a BPOR (Broker Price Opinion Resource) specialist, ePRO certified and certified as a home inspector. James is also licensed as a Residential Builder which makes him a valuable resource for buyers and sellers alike. He has represented first-time home buyers, local and international sellers, landlords, tenants, wholesalers and fix-and-flip investors. An in dependent agent since 2011, he recently joined the James Silver Team which means clients can count on a team of 15+ agents working together to list, market, and sell properties or find the perfect home for buyers.

In his spare time, James loves to sing in barbershop style with the Grosse Pointe Lakeshore Chorus located in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Singing is an awesome way to manage stress, maintain an uplifted spirit and a positive attitude. James doesn't consider himself to be a sales person and views his role to be that of a service provider. He is happy to serve his clients in achieving their real estate goals.

Kuo, Calvin  >> Managing Director (中文)

  • Founder of Fortune Commercial LLC, Calvin has extensive experience in Commercial Real Estate and capital markets, including acquisition of over 250 residential and Commercial real estate with Chinese high net worth and Stated-Owned company between 2013 to 2017.He has experience for assisting Asia business institutional investor and product structuring, Calvin has 20+ years experience in investment banking and business development roles within the financial and real estate services industry.

  • Calvin is also CEO of Stellez Reflection Private Equity Fund where he is responsible for advising institutional clients on project finance and Asset securitization. Calvin worked in investment banking at Societe General and Calyon head of CDOs, equities and fund derivatives for Greater China.

  • Calvin holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from the University of Concordia, Canada and was a professor at Feng Chia University and Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance.

Huang, PonPon  >> Account Payable & Receivable (中文)

  • In charge of release funding on owners' behalves to make sure the properties are covered with property insurance.

  • Monthly auditing incomes and expenses created by property managers, so property owners receive the most accurate statements supported by photos/videos and invoices.  Statements can be viewed and downloaded 24-7, which can be directly used for tax filing.

  • Communication bridge between property owners and managers, clarify situation.

  • Coordinate tax filing preparation and payments.

  • Collect documents for foreigner clients for ITIN application.

James, Anthony  >> Real estate Agent

I consider it a high honor to work with you in the purchase of real estate.  Like many other facets of our lives, buying real estate has become more complicated.


Because I am continually in the process of working with buyers and sellers, I have kept myself aware of changes as they occur. I do  a monthly television show in which I also share these changes with the public. You can download the app and watch it on demand at anytime on Google TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Comcast, Roku at WHPRonDemand.com.


I will put my over 25 years of experience in real estate, insurance, securities, and the mortgage industry along with the Legendary Mrs. Bowers, my Broker, over 50 years of  knowledge to work for you while working with you.​


You will find herein a brief overview of the home buying process and the many details that must be addressed.

Lin, Meily  >> Coordination Director (中文)

Meily Lin currently works as Director of Coordination for Stellez Investment Group.  She is passionate about problem resolutions and coordination to achieve win-win situation. 

Meily has master degree in Reliability.  Before joining the team, she worked as Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), coached in projects for several years; principally leading problem-solving & continuous improvements, finding customers’ needs, and bringing out team members’ excellence.

Tang, Jazz  >> Chief Operating Officer (中文)

  • Expert in system integration and process digitization. 

  • Dedicated in process simplification while increase efficiency.

  • Designed multiple systems in different businesses, such as, manufacturing, accounting, administrative, trading, online shopping, etc...

  • Created communication platform to minimize information gap among suppliers, internal staffs and clients without conflicts.

  • Master in management such as file management, job delegation and internal auditing.

  • Setup standard procedures and oversee all operations, examine and facilitate work efficiency.

  • Completed over 250 real estate transactions.

  • Continuously enhance the above using most updated tools.

  • Raised in Taiwan, third generation immigrated from China, educated under French environment, most fluent in English and Chinese, good French. Very comfortable and blended in both Eastern and Western culture. 

Engineering mind with most personal touch to maximize the outcome.

Yang, Yujiao  >> Rehab & Maintenance Coordinator (中文)

  • Point of contact for both construction contractors and property owners

  • Coordinate multiple construction projects and provide updates.

  • Initiate bidding, negotiate prices among contractors

  • Monitor work progress.

  • Review rehab/maintenance photos and invoices for funding.